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Air Conditioning Recharging and Servicing
Air Conditioning Recharging

Air Conditioning is not just for keeping you cool in the summer months it can also be used to demist the windows in the cold winter months.

A well performing air conditioning unit can make driving in the summer cooler whilst making it safer in the winter months, with this in mind why would you not have your air conditioning checked by the professionals every year?

In partnership with Valeo Abbey Motor Services are fully qualified and equipped to give your car the “Valeo Clim Service” to ensure you get most out of your cars air con.

This comprehensive service removes the gas, oil and contaminants from your car's system and the system is then held under vacuum to test for leaks. Only if no leaks are present in the system is it then replenished with the correct quantity of refrigerant and oil improving the smell and performance of the cars air con.

If you have a leak in your cars air conditioning then we can introduce a dye into the system that is then monitored with the use of ultra violet light to find the source. We will keep you informed of progress and any issues to ensure that you know exactly what is happening.

We can offer the Climate Control Service individually but if booked alongside our car servicing plans we give a generous discount.