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Polesworth MOT Information tip's & advice

You can perform these checks at regular intervals to ensure your cars safety.
They are also required for the MOT test.


MOT Tip Number 1 Ensure that the number plates and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate are clean and legible.


MOT Tip Number 2 Check the operation of footbrake and handbrake. Also check Anti-Lock breaking g system, (ABS), light operation, if fitted.


MOT Tip Number 3 Check that seatbelts operate correctly and are not frayed or torn.


MOT Tip Number 4 The MOT examination of the tyres does not include the spare. A tyre depth of 1.6mm is the legal minimum requirement. Check tyres are inflated correctly, making sure there is no sidewall damage. Though the spare tyre is not part of the test, it is to be advised that a correctly inflated and legal tyre / wheel should be carried


MOT Tip Number 5 Check from the driver's seat for damage to the windscreen. Testers will check that damage is no larger than 40mm in the whole of the swept area of the screen(b and c zones) and that in the central view of the driver, called Zone A, which is 290mm wide (within the swept area and centred on the steering wheel), any damage is no larger than 10mm wide.